Sock Monkey Fun!

I recently signed up to participate in a sock monkey swap and donation, sponsored by Six Degrees of Creativity. This involves creating one sock monkey to be mailed and swapped with another participant, as well as creating a second monkey to be donated to Operation Sock Monkey. Although creating my first sock monkey was a bit challenging, now that he is done, I'm hooked! What a cool transformation to see a regular pair of socks turn into an adorable toy monkey. Just like quilting or knitting, hand stitching sock monkeys is a great group activity as you can help each other out, see the unique results of each person, and enjoy the company and conversation.

Lessons from my sock monkey:

Ready to try making your own sock monkey? Check out this helpful video from art therapist and sock monkey maker extraordinaire, Kat Thorsen:

Want to try sock monkey making with a group? Check out Fresh Art's page about sock monkey workshops for some inspiration:

To learn more about and contribute to Operation Sock Monkey, visit their website:

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